Viking Nagano Sprint PM 2005 Long Track Blade

$419.98 Regular price $728.32

Are your old blades holding you back? Try the Viking Nagano Sprint PM Long Track Blades--the fastest blades Viking offers. These blades feature 1.10mm HSS powder metal, bi-metal runners hardened to 66 HRC. The powder metal gives you a lower coefficient of friction on the ice--approximately 25% less. So you can finally get the speed you couldn't get with your other blades. These blades also come with black anodized steel tubes, giving you increased stability and control. Add the red anodized aluminum attachment bar, and you know that once you use these blades, you'll never settle for less. Runners available in standard black (or nickel for an additional $30).

  • 1.10mm HSS powder metal, bi-metal runners is hardened to 66 HRC
  • Spot-welded and soft soldered, black anodized steel tubes
  • 7075 series aluminum, red anodized clap system
  • Available in the following sizes: 34-47