Viking Sapphire Long Track Blade

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The Sapphire is Viking's highest performing blades for intermediate to elite skaters. Engineered with an oval shaped tube, the Sapphire has increased tube stiffness up to 50% in the horizontal pane making the tube consistent from front to back. The blade and tube have been dual laser welded, thus allowing an inserted bend to remain better due to the high pulling strength of the AHSS steel. These qualities allow the Sapphire to create a lot of pressure in the corners, allowing for better corner work.

Sizes are indicated as follows: BladeLength" (Claparm/Boot size) for Example: 16.5"(40/41) Indicates a 16.5" Blade, that will fit Euro Size 40 or 41 Boots.

  • 1.1mm Powder Metal/Bimetal blade hardened to 66HRC
  • Closed oval shaped tube comprised of HSS high tensile steel
  • Dual laser welded, blue anodized tubes
  • Available in the following sizes: 38-45, two boot sizes per clap arm

Viking Sapphire Long Track Blade - 15.5" (36/37) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.