Viking Nagano Gold 2005 Long Track Boot

$299.98 Regular price $611.84

The Viking Nagano Gold 2005 Boots are the more refined version of Viking's Nagano Gold 2000 Boots, weighing approximately 120 grams less. The Kevlar construction makes the Viking Nagano Gold 2005 Boots strong, and they are designed for high-impact resistance. The high-quality, lightweight kangaroo leather exterior means the Nagano Gold 2005 Boots retain their shape with minimal stretch, while the light-grade calfskin interior lining gives you optimal grip when you skate. The Nagano Gold 2005 Boots come with heat-moldable thermoplastic, giving you a great custom fit. And the built-in orthopedic formed arch gives you the extra support you need for maximum performance on the ice.

  • Kevlar construction
  • Extra high quality, lightweight kangaroo leather exterior
  • Light grade calfskin interior
  • Heat-moldable thermoplastic foam lining
  • Built-in orthopedic formed arch
  • Available in the following sizes: 34-45