Technicords Training Kit


Ellis Edge Techni-Cords resistance training turncables provide the most skating-specific strength and power training available. When used 2-4 times per week, Technicords help you develop skating-specific muscle memory, which yields powerful forward strides, corner cross-overs, and explosive starts.

All attachments are made with the highest-quality, industrial-strength materials, providing optimum resistance and stretch properties, and ensuring strength and durability. The multiple-resistance cord assembly is designed to allow users of any age, height, and weight to conduct each dryland movement with the correct resistance.

Add a second hip belt for Tandem/Mobile training with a partner!

Single Belt Set

  • 1 set of industrial strength stretch-resistance cords
  • 1 padded hip belt
  • 1 attachment strap

Double Belt Set

  • 1 set of industrial strength stretch-resistance cords
  • 2 padded hip belts
  • 1 attachment strap
If you are unfamiliar with turncable resistance training, you can learn more by viewing these videos: