StayBent Pro Sharpening Jig - PREORDER


Often Imitated, Never Duplicated.

The StayBent Speed Skate Blade Sharpening Frame is the most precise sharpening jig available. Made with CNC-machined 6000 series aluminum, this jig has extremely tight tolerances, and holds your blades in a consistent position every time. This jig comes with bottom mount locators, and you can upgrade to top mount locators to give you the most precise, sharp, level edges possible. It also features a pivoting clamp system that won't change the bend of your blades. The billet-machined aluminum tightening knobs are more durable than ever before, and the frame hex bar has machined-alignment graduations that help speed up your set-up, when you have to work on different length blades. Don't let cheap imitation jigs fool you. Trusted by some of the fastest skaters in the world, no other jig on the market can match the quality and consistency of the StayBent Frame.

  • CNC-machined USA 6000 series aluminum construction
  • Pivoting clamp system
  • Bottom mount locators included
  • Top mount locators upgrade available
  • New for 2021: Pocketed-Out Machining to Lightweight the Jig, without compromising on Stiffness.
  • New for 2021: Brilliant White and Black Ceramic coating, for Durability, and ease of cleaning.
  • New for 2021: Much Higher Tolerances as the entire assembly is made In-House at our USA factory.
Note: Due to minor differences in blade height, sharpening without top mount locators can angle your edges, ultimately changing the rock of your blades. Top mount locators ensure your blades are level every time you sharpen, giving you the best possible edge.