Maple MPL-4 Ladies/Silver Inline Package

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The Maple MPL-4 Ladies inline boots and Maple Silver "New Generation" NG frames is the inline package was made just for female speed skaters. The Maple-4 Ladies Inline Boots are made with lightweight fiberglass construction and high-comfort foam padding, offering great stability and comfort for beginner inline speed skaters. And the MPL-4 Ladies Boots are built specifically for the women's foot shape, with thermo-moldable ankle support. The Maple Silver NG "New Generation" Inline Speed Skating Frames are made with ultra-light, high-performance aluminum. and the NG Inline Frames are extra stiff, due to their edged design. So if you're a new inline skater, the Maple MPL-4 NG Inline Ladies Package will give you a great start, with room to grow.

Maple MPL-4 Ladies Boots:
  • Fiberglass construction
  • High-comfort foam padding
  • Thermo-moldable ankle support
  • Buckle and strap cover and closing
  • Available in 165 mounting in the following sizes: 35-36
  • Available in 195 mounting in the following sizes: 37-41
Maple Silver NG Frames:
  • Ultra-light, high-performance aluminum construction
  • Extra stiff edged design