Maple MPL-3 Inline Boots

$99.98 Regular price $309.99
If you're a developing skater looking for something better than entry-level boots, the Maple MPL-3 Inline Racing Boots are a great choice. Made with durable fiberglass and carbon fiber construction, these boots provide a good balance between high-performance and reasonable cost. The carbon-styled leather interior gives you the grip you need when you skate. And the thermo-moldable ankle support gives you a great fit, so you can develop into the winner you've always wanted to be.
  • Fiberglass and carbon fiber construction
  • Carbon-styled leather
  • Thermo-moldable ankle support
  • Power buckle
  • Available in 165 mounting in the following sizes: 32-36
  • Available in 195 mounting in the following sizes: 37-47