CadoMotus PRO 110/Comp Transformer Inline Package

The CadoMotus PRO 110 and CadoMotus Comp Transformer offers skaters a great intermediate level packages for any wheel configuration.

CadoMotus PRO 110 Inline Boots:
  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Italian microfiber lining
  • Stiff around the ankle
  • Heat moldable around the toe, heel, and ankle
  • Microbuckle closure
  • 195 mounting
  • Available in silver/blue in the following sizes: 38-39
  • Available in black/red in the following sizes: 40-44.5

CadoMotus Comp Transformer Frames:
  • 2-in1 wheel configuration: 4x100 and 3x125
  • 6061 aluminum alloy frame
  • 12.8" with 195mm mounting