Marchese Record 953 Long Track Blades


After years of working to perfect their design, Marchese has broken new ground with the Record 953 Long Track Blades. These blades are made with the highest quality materials, featuring 1.10mm powder metal, bi-metal runners hardened to 67/68 HRC. These runners stay sharper longer, giving you the best glide possible. The powder metal runners also make the Record 953 Blades up to 3 times stronger than either Maple or Viking, with the same flex range. These blades come with Reynolds 953 ultra-strong Mar-Aging steel tubing, which means they maintain their bend longer. And the high-precision robot laser welding ensures a blade-to-runner fixation that lasts for the lifetime of the skate. These blades also feature a 7075 grade aluminum clap system, giving you blades that are strong, durable, and lightweight.

  • 1.10mm powder metal, bi-metal runners hardened to 67/68 HRC
  • Reynolds 953 Mar-Aging steel, laser-welded tubes
  • 7075 grade aluminum clap system
  • Over-sized linear springs