2010 Bont Platinum K190 G2 Short Track Blades

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The 2010 Bont Platinum K190 Short Track Speed Skating Blades are Bont's elite short track blades designed for competitive speed skaters. The Bont 2010 Platinum K190 Speed Skating Blades feature slight blade and tube refinements, along with a new cup mount design. The Bont Platinum K190 Blades are still made with K190 powder metal runners hardened to 64 HRC, which hold their edge up to 8 times longer than normal steel runners. And the fine powder metal structure gives you that exceptional glide you've always wanted on the ice. The 2010 K190 Blades also feature aluminum tubes and aluminum cups. The 2010 Bont Platinum k190 Blades are laser cut and hardened in Australia, and are glued and machined in Holland.

Cascade Speedskates stocks Bont K190 Short Track Speed Skating Blades with a 9m radius, available with a factory bend or straight. We also offer them in KR and 1/2 KR spec, which have the mounting set back 2cm and 1cm respectively on the blade.

  • K190 powder metal runners hardened to 64 HRC
  • Acrinalyn series aluminum tube
  • Aluminum cups
  • Available in KR configuration in the following sizes: 17.5"