Bont Jesa 608 Steel Inline Bearings

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You don't need nerves of steel to skate faster--you just need the Bont Jesa 608 Steel Inline Speed Skating Bearings. The Jesa Steel Bearings feature a fine-polished track surface and precise balls, so you can accelerate faster. The lightweight plastic cages give you lower rolling resistance, while the strong steel construction helps these bearings keep their shape when under load. And the increased radial clearance reduces drag, giving you the speed you need to compliment 100mm wheels.

  • 608 type bearings with dimensions: 8x22x7mm
  • Fine-polished track surface and 7 precise balls
  • Lightweight T9H-plastic cages
  • Strong steel construction
  • Increased radial clearance
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Available in 16 pack