Maple Comet Laser T-bone Long Track Blades

$499.98 Regular price $839.99
If you want to be among the best speed skaters in the world, the Maple Comet Laser T-Bone Long Track Blades are the best place to start. These blades are used by top athletes around the world, trusted by both Olympic Medalists and World Champions. These blades feature the T-Bone Clap mechanism, which is both stronger and lighter than traditional clap arms. These blades also feature 1.10mm heat-treated, bi-metal runners hardened to 64 HRC, increasing your ability to connect with the straights and transfer more power into the ice. These blades also come with gold and nickel-plated steel tubes, giving you better flexibility and stability on the ice. And the laser welding technique used to make the blades minimizes heat-affected zones, eliminating the warping you get from traditional welding.
  • 1.10mm heat-treated, bi-metal runners hardened to 64 HRC
  • 24Kt gold and nickel plated, steel laser-welded tubes
  • CNC machined, 7000 series aluminum T-Bone clap system
  • Available in the following sizes: 15-18 inches