Maple Blizzard Long Track Blades

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Maple knows that when you're first starting out in long track, you want the best entry-level blades possible. That's why they designed the Blizzard Blades. These blades are made with 1.10mm bi-metal runners hardened to 58 HRC. They give you the glide and control you need when you're first learning your technique on the ice. They also feature steel tubes, which provide flexibility and stability. Add the aluminum clap arms, and you have solid blades that will help you blow past other club skaters like a blizzard, just without all the snow.

  • 1.10 bi-metal runners hardened to 58 HRC
  • Steel tubes
  • CNC machined aluminum 7000 series clap system
  • Available in the following sizes: 14-17.5 inches